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As any LPN or full-time student can tell you, they are both full-time jobs. Many LPN's want to pursue an RN degree but simply can't afford to quit work in order to return to school and the thought of working full-time and going to school full-time is just too overwhelming. However, there is an easy solution to that dilemma: The online LPN to RN degree program.

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Many colleges now offer online LPN to RN degree programs. But, how do they work and is it right for you? The first step is to look at several different colleges that offer the LPN to RN program online and determine which is better suited to your needs. If you need to do clinical hours or an internship, will they accept those hours from a hospital or other medical office in your area? Will they accept your credits from your LPN training? Once those questions are answered then you are ready to choose your college and register for classes.

So how does the LPN to RN online course work and how will they benefit you? The most important thing about online courses for a working person is that you don't have to bend your work schedule around your class times because you don't have to go to a classroom. Once the course starts you can access the course anytime and work when it is convenient for you. Most courses have areas set up where you can post any questions or comments you might have for either the other students or the instructor. While most courses do have "due dates" for assignments, you are usually given the course syllabus at the start of the course and have several weeks notice to complete assignments.

How difficult is the LPN to RN degree program? Well, that depends on the person taking the course. It does require some self discipline. Because you don't have an instructor who is going to give you that disapproving stare when you show up to class without your assignment in hand, it may be easier for you to justify putting off an assignment. However, if you are self disciplined then online courses can be very easy and enjoyable. You will usually receive a very detailed assignment. If there is anything you don't understand or have questions about, you can e-mail your instructor and they will be happy to answer any of your questions. Once the assignment is complete you e-mail it (or snail mail it in some cases) and the instructor will e-mail you back your grade. Your grades are usually posted in your online classroom and you can keep track of how well you are doing in the course.

Financial aid is available for the LPN to RN degree. Just like any other type of college course, you can apply for Federal Student Aid, State Student Aid, Grants, Scholarships, and Student Loans. The college you are applying to will be happy to speak with you and help you apply for any financial aid that you may qualify for. Most students use several different types of financial aid in order to pay for all of their college expenses. For example, you may qualify for some Federal and State Aid but it may not be enough to cover all the tuition and book fees. The financial aid department at the college of your choice should be willing to see if you qualify for any grants or scholarships that may help. If you don't qualify for those then you can apply for a student loan.

So, no more excuses! If you have the desire to take your LPN degree to the next level and become an RN, you now know how. Check out the accredited colleges below that offer online LPN to RN degree programs. Request free information from any or all schools that interest you. Compare the cost, estimated time involved, and available financial aid resources then determine which college is the best for you. Apply for financial aid. Register for classes. And become the RN that you always wanted to be!

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