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Iowa is excited to see and welcome new quality health care workers to our state. There is a great need for trained individuals who can work together with our health care team to provide adequate health care services to our communities. In Iowa, we value and respect our health care professionals. We know that the skills and training of those who work in the health care field make a definite difference to the health and safety of our population. Iowa has gone to great lengths to promote the value of health care in our society and to assure that these professionals get the respect they deserve.

Currently Iowa is facing challenges to meet all the health care needs of our population. Iowa is likely to lose a considerable amount of experienced loyal health care professionals over the next ten years simply because; most of our professional health care staff is reaching retirement age. All of these positions will need to be filled by other qualified individuals. Iowa has vacancies in all areas of the health care field so no matter what field you are interested in, Iowa is in need of those services. Whether you are starting your training, continuing training or finishing up your education you can be sure that Iowa has an exciting position open and ready for you to start building your career in the health care industry.

Besides the fact that our population is ageing, Iowa already has a considerable amount of vacancies in the health care industry around the state. There are 99 counties in Iowa and 81 of these counties are designated as health care shortage areas. Access to health care services is being threatened because of the shortages of current health care professionals. In order to best serve our patients, we need to fill these positions, so that our communities have the adequate care they need.

What Iowa Is Doing For You

Iowa has been working hard to initiate programs to recruit new health care workers. Not only to get quality health care professionals here, but also to keep them here, by providing for their needs and keeping them happy as well. This makes for a smaller turnover rate and keeps not only employers happy but also those working in our health care facilities. Our Goal is to continue working on this so we can continue to recruit those new to the profession, keep our current professionals and meet the needs of those who need health care services. Our Patients.

Iowa Care Givers Association the ICA has partnered with many organization to initiate a program called BJBC, Better Job Better Care Program. This program has established 15.5 million dollars for Improving Iowa's health care industry. The Goal of this program is to develop improvements in the long term care system. Again, to increase recruitment and retention of future and current health care employees. Working to provide a more stable and secure workforce. Using this program, Iowa is working to make the work environment more appealing to our health care professionals.

Iowa offers mentor programs for our new recruits just entering the health care industry, as well as orientation programs. This is a ideal way of helping students make a smooth transition from the school environment to an actual working environment. This program is also beneficial to those who may already be working in the health care field, but are advancing in their training. They get the opportunity to work with other professionals while they make a comfortable transition of positions. Iowa also offers leadership training programs for those wanting to enhance their skills or add advancement opportunities. These programs work to continually offer competitive wages and benefit packages, to acknowledge respect for health care workers, provide the proper staffing; eliminating stress in the workplace; and to provide better health coverage to all our health care professionals.

Average Salaries for Healthcare in Iowa

  • CNA
  • LPN
  • Clinical Nurse
  • ER Nurse
  • ICU Nurse
  • O.R. Nurse
  • Health Care Recruiter
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • Radiology
  • Pharmacy
  • $26,680 – $27,751
  • $37,009 – $40,086
  • $75,271 – $81,331
  • $62,576 – $91,312
  • $63,698 – $97,332
  • $65,133 – $94,798
  • $60,589 – $68,969
  • $69,936 – $75,304
  • $42,105 – $54,622
  • $57,381 – $73,794
  • $32,684 – $131,215

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