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Illinois currently has a tremendous amount of shortages of health care professionals. The Metropolitan Chicago area alone has current vacancies of 2,500 job positions needing to be filled by nurses. The Nursing shortage is expected to rise to 21,000 vacancies in the next ten years! 6000 new nurses and 1200 new allied health care professionals will be needed each year just to meet the growing demand of health care providers!

Increased demand for health care and limited supply of trained professionals is an ongoing problem throughout Illinois. All industries in the health care field are expected to experience shortages. Due to a rapidly aging population and current workers reaching retirement ages, this leaves Illinois needing many new health care providers. Health care organizations have to compete for trained health care professionals. Although that constitutes a large problem, it is a positive benefit for new health care workers coming into the profession.

Shortages of health care workers has a definite impact on public health. Patients simply can't get the care they need when there are not enough care givers. Hospitals have to send patients to other facilities. Operations and other advanced technical procedures are being delayed or postponed because the technicians and staff just isn't there. These shortages contribute to patient deaths and other serious medical complications.

The health care positions with the most vacancies in Illinois are as follows including all nursing positions. Also noted are current average salaries in these fields.

  • Emergency Room Nurse
  • Operating Room Nurse
  • LPN
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Staff Nurse
  • Physical Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Radiologist
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • Speech Therapist
  • Pharmacists
  • $87,382 – $100,441
  • $90,621 – $104,275
  • $40,709 – $44,094
  • $84,616 – $91,394
  • $69,053 – $70,067
  • $71,123 – $75,853
  • $67,165 – $73,881
  • $81,171 – $404,158
  • $60,083 – $98,433
  • $78,207 – $103,065
  • $99,301 – $114,850

Now you know why Illinois needs quality health care professionals. This is what our state is doing to recruit new health care workers. Illinois will acquire 40 to 50 million dollars over the next 5 years alone to contribute to educational training opportunities. This is required just to meet the nursing demand for our state.

Many facilities offer programs that allow health care workers to take time off to earn nursing or other health care related degrees without losing seniority, pay or benefits! This year Illinois passed a law allowing advancement opportunities to practicing nurses without having to earn another degree. These nurses can advance their training positions simply by demonstrating adequate skills and then passing a national certification exam. So just by utilizing your skills and learning from other skilled workers around you, you can advance just by enhancing your skills and passing the exam. What a great opportunity for building a successful career!

Some great benefits of joining the health care industry at this time are that facilities are competing for you. This means larger salaries, better bonuses, loan repayments, quick advancement opportunities, and outstanding working environments. Of course you also have the security of knowing that you will only continue to grow in your health care career and because of the demand, job security is just another bonus!

It is a great time to start building your career in the health care field. Illinois has a variety of facilities in different settings and environments so you are able to choose if you would prefer to work in a faster paced city environment or perhaps a more quiet rural area. There is something for everyone here in Illinois. Get started today! Be successful while also making a positive change in the lives of others.

Illinois offers quality pay and benefits and has developed a program that is designed to help health care workers enjoy their working environment. Workers actually have a say about what they need and want, to have a safe and stress free working environment. With such a high demand to fill these vacant positions, salaries and bonuses are often negotiated as facilities compete for health care professionals. This allows those in the health care field to choose what position or facility best suits them. Don=t miss out on this growing industry! Join the health care team today!

Argosy University – Chicago, IL has campuses all across the United States. They offer top quality nursing and healthcare education.

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