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Emergency Medical Service workers all face a common problem. The problem of how they can take the next step in their career while still maintaining such an irregular schedule is one that has plagued the EMS for years. Most EMS workers work long 12 hours shifts that change weekly, and many even work shifts that are 24 hours long. These long hours and changing schedules make it almost impossible for an EMT or fire service worker to attend any type of scheduled classes. George Washington University, in conjunction with The College Network, has now made it possible for these dedicated individuals to proceed with the careers they originally sought.

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A Bachelor of Science in Health Science with a specialty in EMS Management is now available through online education! The BS in EMS Management is intended for working EMS professionals that would like to advance their education and career path while still maintaining their present jobs in EMS. The program builds strong leadership qualities, critical decision making skills, as well as administrative and financial problem solving abilities, while strengthening the team building skills that EMS for fire personnel have become so adept at.

The BS in EMS Management program is accredited through both MCACS and LCME. It can be completed online in 2 to 4 years. The program requires individuals to be Emergency Medical Technician level with at least a 2.5 g.p.a. and relies on the natural sense of dedication that individuals in the emergency medical and fire service have demonstrated for so many years. With a degree in EMS management, graduates may now work their way into the administrative side of EMS.

EMTs and fire personnel are encouraged to request free information about this new and exciting program that is available.


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AN EMT to BS in EMS Management Online!

George Washington University , along with the College Network, have made it possible for EMS and fire server workers to earn a higher education and advance their career through online study.

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