Top 100 Health Experts on Twitter

September 28th, 2009

On Twitter, you can find experts in just about everything-social media, business, education, and more. And there are plenty of health experts to be found on the service as well. Read on to learn about 100 of the best health experts on Twitter today.


Get information straight from doctors on Twitter.

  1. @brianmarshall: Brian Marshall is an ER physician.
  2. @PLAYTHISWAY: Dr. Jen is a pediatrician and mom to two sets of twins.
  3. @Dougpmd: Check out @Dougpmd to find information on women’s health.
  4. @benadkins: Ben Adkins is a doctor, writer, and entrepreneur.
  5. @DrJennyK: Follow Dr. Jenny, a physician consultant and experienced healthcare executive.
  6. @kevinmd: Kevin Pho, MD, offers physician commentary on Twitter.
  7. @KristieMcNealy: Kristie McNealy is an MD and medical blogger.
  8. @JoLynnHawthorne: Jo Lynn Hawthorne is an experienced OB/GYN who is interested in weight loss management.
  9. @drdownes: Dr. Barbara Downes is a chiropractor, sports physician, and more.
  10. @drjoesDIYhealth: Joe Kosterich is a doctor who talks about health on Twitter.
  11. @DrWesYoung: Follow Wes Young, a Hawaii-based medical doctor.
  12. @DrJennifer: Dr. Jennifer Howard is a PhD licensed psychotherapist.
  13. @DrJunger: Alejandro Junger MD is an open minded doctor and cardiologist.
  14. @WRY999: Bill Yates is a physician interested in clinical neuroscience.
  15. @joemd: Joe is a physician and consultant for doctors.
  16. @DocRob: Doc Rob is a modern health and lifestyle consultant as well as a natural health doctor.
  17. @music4surgery: Dr. Alice H. Cash is a clinical musicologist who helps surgical patients with music.
  18. @timlawler: Tim Lawler is a physician in the Navy.
  19. @DrJosephKim: An MIT engineer, physician, and technology educator, Dr. Joseph Kim is interested in public health and continuing education for healthcare professionals.
  20. @synaura: Dr. Elan Colen is a physician and entrepreneur.
  21. @JohnLLeRoyJrMD: You can learn about plastic surgery from John L. LeRoy Jr, MD.
  22. @danielvnw: This physician is interested in science, medicine, and traveling.
  23. @drarvay: Learn about comprehensive health from Dr. Arvay.
  24. @BernardHarris: Dr. Bernard Harris is a physician and former astronaut who was the first African American to walk in space.
  25. @DoctorRobin: Doctor Robin is an integrative physician.
  26. @DougBench: Doug Bench will teach you revolutionary brain science.
  27. @DocRob: This doctor is a modern health and lifestyle consultant.


Learn about health from these Twitter nurses.

  1. @RNconsult: Patricia Jackson has been nursing for 28 years and shares everything she knows.
  2. @Richard_RN: This registered nurse likes helping others.
  3. @roozeekuh: @roozeekuh is a surgical RN turned entrepreneur.
  4. @learae: LeaRae Keyes is a nurse entrepreneur and business coach.
  5. @ERNurseJoy: Joy is a nurse who wears many hats.
  6. @jpbrady1: Read the tweets of a retired operating room nurse here.
  7. @CREATORBLESSED: Patty Hidge is an advanced psych nurse and EFT practitioner.
  8. @Ericatwitts: This nurse of a faith-based hospital specializes in med-surg oncology.
  9. @sherryfetzer: Sherry Fetzer is an international trainer and nurse practitioner.
  10. @carrie722: Carrie Sperlunto is a registered nurse with specialties in invasive cardiology and infusion nursing.
  11. @barbaraphillips: Barbara Phillips is a nurse practitioner, practice owner, business coach and health coach.
  12. @midwesterndiva: Theresa Atwood is a registered nurse and success coach.
  13. @allnurses: allnurses is a leading nursing community online.
  14. @nursing_care: Dasha works as a nurse in a home care agency.
  15. @dragonden: Tricia is a blogger and an ER nurse.
  16. @GingerGOP: Lyz Moore is a nurse practitioner and campaign strategist.
  17. @HealingKeys: This RN is a natural healer.
  18. @nursewendy: This intensive care nurse is working on a master’s degree in women’s health.
  19. @MsFitUniverse: Lisa Donner is a nurse, personal trainer, and a pilates geek.

Mental Health

These professionals focus on mental health.

  1. @bayside747: Joe Weaver is a medical health RN.
  2. @brainline: Learn about traumatic brain injury from @brainline.
  3. @LRothschildPhD: This psychologist works in independent practice.
  4. @petequily: Pete Quily is an adult ADHD coach and blogger.

Nutrition & Fitness

Follow these experts to learn about exercise and eating right.

  1. @fooddiaryuser: Nancy Rothrock is the creator of SHAPE’s #1 daily food diary.
  2. @skinnyjeans: Stephanie Quilao will help you get back in your skinny jeans.
  3. @HealthCastleGlo: Gloria is a nutrition expert, registered dietitian, and Editor-in-Chief for
  4. @FitnessTown: Take the Thinkfitness Challenge with FitnessTown.
  5. @kevingianni: Kevin Gianni is a natural health advocate and author.
  6. @JoyceSchnieder1: Joyce Schneider shares health information and recipes.
  7. @HighwindFitness: Highwind Fitness promotes, encourages, and educates on fitness, health, and nutrition.
  8. @NutritiousFeast: Dina is a registered dietitian offering tips for nutrition, food, and recipes.
  9. @themojocoach: Debi Silber is a registered dietitian, personal trainer, and whole health coach.
  10. @linda_miner: This registered nutritionist offers advice as a wellness guide.
  11. @skwigg: @skwigg is a fitness blogger and dog mom.
  12. @marymorcos: Mary Anne Morcos is a physical therapist and health mentor.
  13. @John_Louis: John Louis is a massage therapist and the founder and CEO of Acuforce International.
  14. @doctorkareem: Doctor Kareem is a physical therapist and fitness professional who burns fat and fixes joints.
  15. @PhysicalTherapy: Larry Benz is a physical therapist and founder of MyPhysicalTherapySpace.
  16. @ThePilatesPT: Heather Jeffcoat is a mom and physical therapist who’s passionate about women’s health issues.

Disease & Public Health

These Twitter experts are concerned with public health and diseases.

  1. @whonews: Learn about world health from the World Health Organization’s official Twitter channel.
  2. @John_Hinds: This author of What’s In Your Water? is an entrepreneur and WaterAid supporter.
  3. @PublicHealth: The American Public Health Association protects Americans from health threats.
  4. @know_cancer: Find cancer related resources from @know_cancer.
  5. @diseaseaday: This Twitter account highlights a new disease every day.
  6. @BrstCancerNews: Check out @BrstCancerNews to learn about research and treatment of breast cancer.
  7. @LIVEOUTLOUDWD: Through LIVEOUTLOUDWD, you’ll be able to learn about diabetes.

News & Magazines

Get the latest in health from these news outlets.

  1. @sanjayguptaCNN: Dr. Sanjay Gupta is a neurosurgeon and CNN Chief Medical Correspondent.
  2. @goodhealth: Read updates from Health Magazine on @goodhealth.
  3. @womenshealth: Learn about womens health from
  4. @WSJHealthBlog: Get news and analysis on health from the WSJ Health Blog’s Twitter account.
  5. @SELFmagazine: Check out SELF to find you at your best.
  6. @holistic4life: Lauralee Guthrie’s feed explores holistic health news.
  7. @MensHealthMag: In this magazine, you’ll get a guide to fitness, health, and more.
  8. @theheartorg: Get cardiology news from Heartwire news.
  9. @WomensHealthMag: Women’s Health will teach you about looking and feeling great.
  10. @health: @health offers health news from Health News Blog.


Learn about health and general wellness from these Twitterers.

  1. @LifeScript: LifeScript works to make living healthy practical.
  2. @HealthyStuff: Check out Health Guru for health, firness, and more.
  3. @carolz_place: Carol is passionate about keeping our world safe and finding natural cures.
  4. @holistic1: @holistic1 is the founder of the Healing Path Holistic Center.
  5. @bewellbuzz: Get the buzz on wellness from @bewellbuzz.
  6. @NaturalHealthEd: Here you’ll find a natural health advocate.
  7. @lunchboxbunch: Learn how to live a healthy, happy life from @lunchboxbunch.
  8. @realwellbeing: Health Wise will help you ind out how to control your health and wellbeing.
  9. @ihealthtube: @ihealthtube will show you how to make natural health work for you.
  10. oneDivineSPIRIT: Dr. Sheryl Mann is a wellness entrepreneur and retired chiropractor.
  11. @MDinfo: Get answers to your personal health questions from experts through @MDinfo.
  12. @JohnsHopkins: Follow this Twitter feed to learn about public health and more from Johns Hopkins University.
  13. @DrAmorWellness: Amor Santiago is a university professor in public health and prevention.
  14. @davesnape: Ask David Snape about health and he’ll send you an answer.
  15. @OrganicFreak: @OrganicFreak is dedicated to creating a healthy, organic lifestyle.
  16. @GHChealth: Learn about natural health and organic living from GHC Health.
  17. @Health_Coach: This coach’s passion is natural healing.

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