100 Inspirational and Educational Videos for Nurses

October 5th, 2009

Being a nurse is a tough job as many nurses know, but it can be a rewarding one as well. You can help improve your skills and find new sources of inspiration to keep you going when you’re not on the job as well. Here are some great videos for nurses that will instruct, enlighten and maybe even make you laugh.


If you’re feeling run down after a hard day at work or school, these videos can help you remember why you wanted to go into nursing.

  1. Nature at Its Worst, Nursing at Its Best: Hurricane Katrina wrecked havoc on the southern United States, but while it caused a great deal of devastation, nurses played an inspirational role in helping people recover as this video shows.
  2. Dee Jones Sings Nurses Anthem: Here you’ll hear a song written to honor Florence Nightingale and nurses around the world.
  3. Cherokee Inspired Comfort Award: Learn about the role one nurse is playing in quality patient care and see why she was awarded this honor in this video.
  4. Nurse Affirmations Motivation Inspiration Life Saving: If you’re looking for some affirmation, check out this video created to help you start your day right.
  5. Find Your Inspiration – Nursing: This video is about Melissa Barrett, and explains how she finds her inspiration in helping people by being a nurse.
  6. Our hero – Josie Johnson, RN: Learn more about this pediatric nurse who came from poverty in the cotton fields of Mississippi to become a highly regarded pediatric nurse in Chicago.
  7. Patient Perspectives: Check out this video to hear from grateful patients who truly appreciated the work of the nurses who helped them.
  8. If for Nurses: This video aims to motivate and inspire nurses of all kinds.
  9. Triumph over Pain – A Caregiver’s Story: Here you can learn about the Celina Field award and the nurse Christine Rupprecht who won it.
  10. Salute to the Heroes at Home: While this video is aimed at medical students but much of it applies to nurses as well.
  11. Nursing Home Heroes: This video explains all the valuable things that nurses in long term care facilities do.
  12. Nursing Makes a Difference: Learn how what you do each and every day truly does make a difference.
  13. Thank the Exceptional Nurse: This video slide show will inspire you with the stories of nurses working with disabilities.


Need a laugh? These videos are created just for medical professionals and can provide some great relatable humor and entertainment.

  1. Footloose: Nursing School Style: These nursing school students give Footloose their own take in this lighthearted video.
  2. Nursing Back: Taking off of Justin Timberlake’s Sexyback, this video gives it a nursing twist.
  3. Monty Python Hospital Sketch: Who doesn’t love a little Monty Python? This sketch pokes fun at the medial profession.
  4. Diagnosis Wenckebach: Here you can watch another spoof of Sexyback with a nursing theme.
  5. The Nursing Gang: This cartoon has a fun but inspirational take on nursing.
  6. ER Blitz: Most working in the ER will be able to relate to this ER version of Ballroom Blitz.
  7. Crazy Nurse Jokes Medical Humor: Here you can watch a slide show full of nursing jokes.
  8. Nurse Audrey: This nurse and public speaker wants to help reduce the stress of nursing through humor. Watch this video to learn more.
  9. Hospital Humor – Financial Trouble Brewing: This video takes a humorous look at hospital funding problems.
  10. UAB Emergency Room Rap: Enjoy the work these nursing students put into this hilarious rap about nursing.
  11. Up! Nursing School Style: Fans of Shania Twain may appreciate this version created by some nursing students.
  12. Nurses Know: Netiquette: This video is instructional, but in a lighthearted way.

Why Be a Nurse

Whether you’re already a nurse or studying to be one, these videos will help remind you that what you do is valuable and important.

  1. Day to Care: Intended to recruit nurses, this video salutes the work that America’s nurses do every day.
  2. This Life: Nursing: Here you’ll learn about the many ways nurses protect and save lives.
  3. Nursing: It’s More than a Job: Men hoping to get into nursing can learn about the opportunities it can offer them in this video.
  4. Images of Nursing: "I’m just a nurse": This documentary explores some of the stereotypes surrounding nursing, and the realities of the field.
  5. Critical Condition: America’s Nursing Shortage: Learn how your work as a nurse can help fill a nationwide shortage of medical professionals.
  6. Nursing, Why I Love My Work As A Male Nurse: Here you’ll hear one male nurse’s story about his passion for his work.
  7. The Nursing Shortage: A Crisis in American Healthcare: Check out this video to learn what the shortage of nurses means for healthcare and how a career as a nurse can help.
  8. This is Why You Should Become A Nurse: This video addresses the many benefits of being a nurse.
  9. Do you want to be a pediatric nurse?: Those working or hoping to work in pediatrics can get more incentive to work in the field through this video.
  10. "This I Believe—Nursing": While not entirely serious in nature, this video does highlight some of the great reasons to become a nurse.

Career Possibilities

These videos are great for nurses looking for a career change and students seeking a potential specialization. Watch to learn about the wide range of nursing careers out there.

  1. Nurse Scientists: We may not often think of nurses being scientists, but the nurses in this video show how it was a natural transition for them.
  2. Caregivers: Homecare: Learn about a career in homecare for the disabled or elderly in this video.
  3. Visiting Nurse Association: This video will help you learn more about what it means to travel to patient’s home to provide care.
  4. Emergency Nurse Practitioner: Thinking of a career in emergency medicine? This video will show you want it’s all about.
  5. Emergency Nursing: Learn about the role that nurses play in emergency room care through this video.
  6. Flight Nursing: Check out this video to learn about nurses who care for patients en route to the hospital.
  7. Neonatal Intensive Care: Those who want to work with newborns, especially those who are premature, can learn more about what this requires from this video.
  8. Pediatric Nurse: If you love working with kids, this video will show you what a career in pediatric nursing requires.
  9. Career as an RN – Registered Nurse Jobcast: Here you can learn about pursuing a career as a RN, with answers to all kinds of basic questions.
  10. Nurse Practitioner: Want to become a nurse practitioner? This video will help you learn more about the field.
  11. How to Become a Nurse Anesthetist: This instructional video will help you learn what kind of training and work will be required to work as a nurse anesthetist.
  12. Critical Care Nurse: Day in The Life: See what being a critical care nurse is like from this video that follows a real life nurse as she works.
  13. Spinal Nursing: Those who are interested in caring for patients with spinal problems and injuries can find out all about this career from this video.
  14. I Teach Nursing – Become a Nurse Educator: If you’re an experienced nurse who wants to take nursing to the next level, learn about how you can become a nurse educator.
  15. Why Travel Nursing Jobs: Have you ever considered travel nursing? This video will give you a better understanding of what exactly travel nursing is and how you can pursue a career as a travel nurse.
  16. Morgue Nurse: This video will explain what it means to be a morgue nurse.
  17. Burns Unit: Working with burn patients can be especially challenging. This video will show what burn unit nurses do on a daily basis.


These videos will help you learn new skills or offer a refresher course in the basics.

  1. Duke University School of Nursing in Second Life: Did you know you can learn in Second Life? This video explains the interactive learning environment for nursing students created by Duke University.
  2. Males in the Nursing Profession: Watch this video to learn more about the roles men play in the nursing profession.
  3. Transforming Care at the Bedside: Empowering Better Nursing Care: Learn about how you can improve your bedside manner from this video.
  4. What’s New in Acute Stroke Care: Here you’ll learn about the latest developments in caring for patients who’ve recently had a stroke.
  5. Managing Chest Drainage: If a patient needs chest drainage do you know how to properly manage it? This video will show you how.
  6. What Does the B/P Really Tell You?: Learn what the B/P is really all about from this video.
  7. 5 Point Neuro Check: This video will help you better access the neurological situation of your patients.
  8. Managing Electrolytes: Do you know what electrolytes are and why they are important to your patients? If not, watch this informative video.
  9. 101 Nursing Tips Part I: This video starts off with tips on how to administer 50% dextrose IVs.
  10. 101 Nursing Tips Part II: Check out this second part to learn about things like Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation.
  11. Understand Hemodynamics Today: Here you can learn a simple analogy to help you remember and understand hemodynamics.
  12. Assessing Lung Sounds: Is that rattle in the lungs harmless or spelling trouble for your patient? This video will help you learn what to watch out for.
  13. Managing Hypovolemic Shock: This video is a great review of the hypovolemic shock content of the CCRN certification course.
  14. Administering Oxygen in COPD: If you’re not sure how much oxygen to give to a patient with COPD, this video can help you learn.
  15. 5 Steps to Chest X-Ray Interpretation: Learning to read an X-ray can be an interesting process, but this video will help point out some big things you should look for.
  16. Nasogastric Intubation: Would you know how to insert a tube in your patient’s nostril? This video shows you how.
  17. Intramuscular Injection: Here you can learn the proper way to give injections that have to be administered in muscular parts of the body.
  18. 6-Inspection and Palpation: View this video to learn how to inspect the lower extremities for pulses.

Nursing School and Recent Grads

These videos are geared towards those just now going through nursing school or those heading back to further their careers. They offer humor, share advice and provide information on nursing school and a nursing career.

  1. Guide to Nursing School: These male nursing students give their perspective on some of the difficulties of nursing school.
  2. Nursing Profession: Is Nursing School Hard?: Ever wondered just how hard nursing school will actually be? This video will give it to you straight.
  3. Scholarships & Financial Aid : About Nursing Scholarships: Not many people can afford to pay for nursing school out of pocket. This video will help you learn how to get scholarships to help cover some of the costs of nursing school.
  4. Student Nurses: Here you’ll hear the story of a group of nurses who graduated 20 years ago. They’ll reminisce about their days as nursing students and give you insights into the ways that nursing has changed.
  5. Nurse Career Information : Nurse Salary: Do you know how much nurses actually make? This video will give you an idea.
  6. Nursing Profession: What Are the Different Fields in Nursing?: If you’re unsure of the field you want to focus on, this video can help you learn what is out there.
  7. How to Become a Nurse: Watch this video to learn what education and training will be required to become a nurse.
  8. Nursing Research: Check out this video to hear about a nurse at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne and the difference she made through research, a consideration for new students who are graduating.
  9. Nursing School Study Tips: Here, a nursing student shares her study methods with others, offering some help to those who have trouble with studying.
  10. Nursing School: My Study Techniques: Watch this video to get some study tips from a fellow nursing student.
  11. Nursing School Blues: Listen to this video to hear a bluesy take on nursing school.
  12. Nursing School and YOU!!!: Here you’ll find a funny video all about nursing school.
  13. I Will Survive Nursing School: This humorous video can help give you motivation to get through nursing school.
  14. Go to nursing school: This video can help you learn how to get started going to nursing school.
  15. Confessions of a Nursing Student: Watch this video to learn about the experiences of this 19 year-old nursing student as she goes through nursing school.
  16. Nurse Career Information : Nurse Pros & Cons: Learn what the benefits and drawbacks of a nursing career are through this video.
  17. How New Grads Can Plan a Career in Travel Nursing: Check out this video to learn if travel nursing is an ideal career match for you after graduation.

News and Information

These videos will help you keep up with the latest goings-on in the nursing world.

  1. MRSA Found on Stethoscopes: Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, can be deadly for patients with weakened immune systems, and this video reports on one unexpected way it can be transmitted.
  2. Gay and Lesbian Health: Here you can learn about an organization that’s promoting disseminating health care info to the GLBT community.
  3. Outback Nursing: Ever wonder what it’s like being a nurse in the outback? This video can show you what it’s really like to work in remote areas.
  4. No Lift Policy: Learn about a nurse who injured her back lifting a patient and went on to create a "no lift" policy at some Australian hospitals.
  5. Diversity Rules See Nurse Suspended: Whether you agree with the suspension of this nurse or not, this video serves as a reminder of watching what you say when it comes to patients.
  6. UC Nurses Talk About Staffing Issues: Does your hospital have staffing issues? Learn more about those faced by this hospital through this news report video.
  7. Dream Factory Recipient to Become Nurse: Watch this inspiring video about a young woman who battled leukemia as a child and decided to become a nurse.


These videos touch on a number of nursing related subjects.

  1. Nurses Documentary: Check out this video clip from a documentary that follows the work of nurses in the ward.
  2. A Nurse in Training: This video chronicles the life of one woman’s grandmother as she studied and worked as a nurse.
  3. Night Shift Nurse in a Hospital : Food for Night Shift Nurse: Are you a night shift nurse? This blog will give you advice on foods to bring that will give you energy all night long.
  4. Night Shift Nurse in a Hospital : Choosing a Work Bag to Pack for Night: Make sure you’re bringing all the things you need to work the night shift with a little advice from this blog.
  5. Nurse Training Video: This video takes a humorous approach to learning to interact with patients.
  6. Nurse Artist: Watch this video to learn about an nurse who uses the patients she cares for as inspiration for her art.

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