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The State of Virginia has not been left out in the looming shortages within the health care workforce, more particularly the nurses. The State has recognized a shortage and has started addressing the issue with the magnitude it deserves. The aim of the State is to ensure the rising demand of nurses is met with an equal supply of a competent nursing workforce.

The State of Virginia recognizes the importance of early recruitment of healthcare workers, before their aptitude to provide quality health care is painstakingly compromised. It is very explicit to the State, to the health care providers and even to the public that the shortage has, and will continue jeopardizing services in hospitals and institutions of health if measures are not taken to recruit more healthcare employees.

Due to the fact that the State has been able to pinpoint the causes, it is obvious that it is on the forefront to curb the shortage, hence you, as the resident of Virginia should rest assured knowing the State is doing everything in its capacity. Virginia has cited several factors as the most salient issues causing the looming shortage:

  • An increasing number of elderly and very young patients
  • Shortage of nursing faculty
  • An aging nursing workforce

The consequences of the shortage are obvious, low quality care and shortage of baccalaureate-prepared, competent nurses. Institutions of learning in Virginia are working hand in hand with medical providers to ensure they try and match up the demand of nurses. For instance, many schools are working towards developing baccalaureate-prepared registered nurses through a RN-BSN program which has proven to be very successful. The programs allow RNs to earn their degree while working full-time. Many programs are strategically located across the State, plus one can also get the programs online. It is a very flexible and convenient program.

Virginia's approach to the nursing faculty shortage has also helped the State to ease the shortage of healthcare workers. It is true that the capacity of a lot of nursing programs in the State of Virginia to expand is very limited. Similarly, the teaching programs for teaching nursing educators are also limited in the number of students they can accept. The State has encouraged public-private partnerships that facilitate schools to increase the capacity of teaching more nursing educators who will be competent to offer quality education, as well as providing more access to programs via online education.

Like all States in the country, salaries vary greatly depending on industry, company, location, experience, benefits and of course your education level. This acts positively by encouraging and challenging most people in the workforce to go back to class and enhance their career.

  • Head RN $80,000-90,000
  • Staff RN $70,000-80,000
  • Lab Tech $30,000-35,000
  • Radiology Tech $49,000-54,000
  • Intensive Care $72,000-77,000
  • LPN $40,000-47,000
  • LVN $42,000-51,000
  • Emergency Room $63,000-69,000
  • Occupational Therapist $68,000-75,000
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist $80,000-87,000
  • Pharmacist $103,000-111,000

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